Hunters Ridge of New Bern Homeowners Association
Meeting Minutes

      Welcome to Hunters Ridge

     The Hunters Ridge Homeowners' Association, Inc was formed in May 1995 by Gerald Anderson, the original developer, and includes Phases I through IV of the total properties defined as Hunters Ridge. In June of 1995 the name of the organization was amended to Hunters Ridge of New Bern Homeowners' Association, Inc. In September 2006, in a duly called meeting of all residents in Phases I through IV, the membership voted to assume control of the existing Hunters Ridge of New Bern Homeowners' Association, Inc and requested that the original developer turn over control to the homeowners. A Board of Directors was selected by the Homeowners' to run the organization and in December 2006 the developer signed over the association to the homeowners. 

     Phases V is now complete and most of the Phase VI undeveloped properties are owned by Jason Author Construction. At present, the streets have all come under state control and at some point in the future, all phases should merger into one Hunters Ridge of New Bern Homeowners' Association. If you have questions about Phases 5 & 6, please contact

     Contact Us

​As of today,16 Jan 2020, we have changed management companies:Community Association Management Services or CAMS.
Their office number is 910.256.202, but we will have more information later. They will attend our next annual meeting. Please plan on being there. 
     Mission Statement

     The Hunters Ridge of New Bern Homeowners' Association, Inc. is an organization which strives to maintain the aesthetic beauty of properties within Hunters Ridge. It strives to maintain and continue to improve property values in Hunters Ridge while being sensitive to individual property owner's needs and controlling the overall costs of operation. It attempts to make informed decisions representative of the majority interest and to communicate those decisions to all residents of the Association so families will continue to enjoy all the community has to offer.

​Next Hunters Ridge Community Yard Sale - 9 May 2020

Lastly,  about 7 - 9 April 2020, this website will go away. All content will go to the CAMS portal.